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Summer School 2024

Image by Kate Kasiutich
Image by Kate Kasiutich

Summer School 2024 in Budapest: Digital entrepreneurship for participatory democracy

A warm welcome to You, dear Student of the Summer School! We are excited to meet you in Budapest, to learn and grow together. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the experiences that the programme presents you: from the workshops and teamworking sessions, to the after-class events. Take the opportunity to meet people – students & professors alike – who share an interest with you: we are all here this week to tackle the question of how to democratize the use of technologies! And take the opportunity to meet Budapest, in its most colourful and vibrant season, when the days are long, the breeze is warm, and the Danube sparkles like a magical ribbon in the middle of the city.

Image by Tobias Reich

Learn entrepreneurial strategies and skills based on European values!

The main aim of the Summer School is to develop your entrepreneurial and creativity skills, while planting the seeds of responsible management and European values in You, as future leaders and entrepreneurs.

You will learn about the most important factors of creating and developing responsible new tech projects and products, and you will elaborate on the positive social impact of such activities.

The lectures will embrace new value-based entrepreneurial strategies and more responsible and inclusive business models.

You will work in teams and through the analysis of the provided cases and with the support of the mentor teachers. By the end of the Summer School you will have to propose a new project or a solution for a systematic change: tools and technologies for digital empowerment, better access against digital poverty, data protection, avoid misinformation, react upon AI fears and advantages, against the widening digital gap, accelerated digital transformation and its effect on the democratic use of technologies.


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