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Apply Now to Digital Entrepreneurship for Participatory Democracy.

In the 2024 edition of PORTFOLIO Summer School, participants are expected to find, rethink, or create digital solutions for participatory democracy that contribute to deepening societal change. The aim is to have students embrace and tackle the challenges of vulnerable platforms, inclusive methods, digital lobbying, alerts, and misinformation while also enhancing European values. 


We expect applications of students from PORTFOLIO Erasmus+ project partner universities who are engaged to develop solutions for pressing social challenges with the help of digital tools, are ready to learn and work in internationally distributed teams. 


For more information, ask your local teachers (of your university) on how to apply – DL is the 15th of April:  


Representatives of partner universities will evaluate the applications and inform about the decision until the first week of May. 


Summer School is a 2 ECTS course, all costs of participation are covered. 

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March 25, 2024

Experiences from the development of the European Entrepreneurship Micro-Minor
24 November 2023.

Last Friday, 24 November 2023, our consortium (University of Rennes, Aalto University, ELTE, UPM, and University of Trento) had the opportunity to disseminate the main results corresponding to the first iteration of our distributed Micro-Minor on Entrepreneurship, framed in our K2 Erasmus+ project.

In this first online multiplier event, important challenges and discussions were raised in relation to inter-connected education.

A big thank to our Keynote speakers, Tomi Kauppinen (Online Learning-Online Hybrid Lab at Aalto University) and Kathleen Clancy (DAAD) as well as to all our participants (students, teachers, academics, researchers, industry representatives, among many others!) who took part of this great event.  Find below the access to all the materials and the video recording of the Webinar.


Thank you all, and hopefully seeing again in our next Webinar in Spring 2024!


See the event materials: Click here.

Watch the video recording of the event: Click here.

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November 28, 2023

ERASMUS Portfolio Transnational Meeting
Rennes, France.
6-7 November 2023.

In Rennes, project partners are already preparing for the next edition of the micro-courses and summer school in our interconnected education through a distributed and blended European Entrepreneurship minor.

With great ideas and passionate enthusiasm, portfolio Erasmus+ project partners are committed to continuous improvement and the renewal of education processes.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Università di Trento, Université de Rennes, Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Informatics ELTE IK, Aalto University

Alvaro Pina Stranger, Alberto Tejero Lopez, PhD German Varas E. Olli-Pekka Mutanen, Jessica Lucchetta, Francisco Javier Segovia, Dimitris Kokkalis, Stephanie Gauvain, Thomas Le Texier, Lorenzo Angeli, Imola Koszta


November 19, 2023

How to Democratize the Use of Technologies?

The last day.

On the last day of our Erasmus PortfolioProject summer school, 6 student teams pitched their ideas for the just sharing of new technologies.


The jury was assessing the systematic change that can be generated by the projects and the sustainability of the proposed activities, besides the regular business model elements.


Let us give some insights into how our participants imagine the next possible steps in democratizing the use of new technologies, by highlighting the main missions they embraced:

- combine different functionalities to detect fake text, audio, images, and videos in a single web browser plugin for users of online content in the academic field, journalism as well as for social influencers,

- creation smart e-frame with an environment-friendly e-ink display, easily customizable thanks to its integrated community-driven art-sharing platform, empowering both artist and art enthusiast, - overcome language barriers, and make online courses accessible to all, with a fast and reliable document, audio, and video translation B2C platform

- media reform alliance to give power back to experts and create an alliance between the general public and academia,

- orchestrating tech innovation to unlock digital accessibility for all, by empowering digital success through personalized solutions, promoting inclusivity, and reducing information overload.


Our aim in the interconnected education was to form students' mindset to bear the responsibility and accessibility risks and challenges that come with the accelerated spreading of the new technologies.


The challenges are huge but these committed future changemakers make us believe that the improvement and spreading of the new technologies is in safe hands.


PortfolioProject summer school closed its gates, but in our interconnected education, the work will continue with other inspirational initiatives!


| June 31, 2023

How to Democratize the Use of Technologies?

Day 5.

We are proudly reporting that 23 students of our Erasmus PortfolioProject successfully completed the summer school. It was an uplifting experience to observe how committed participants from 5 universities, from different levels of education could enthusiastically work together in small teams to introduce a solution that can contribute to the democratic use of technology.


The interconnected education of our project is based on years-long previous cooperation in the development of entreprenership education and we are determined to make more things happen to pave the way to more value-oriented, interdisciplinary, and flexible education forms. The 1st edition of the Portfolio Project Summer School was a great opportunity both for students and colleagues to exchange thoughts, concerns, and future plans on the possible ways how we can contribute to the just share and equal access to new technologies.


| June 30, 2023

How to Democratize the Use of Technologies?

Day 3.

The Erasmus Portfolio Project Summer School on 'How to democratize the technologies?' is running with full steam ahead.

Students got crucial building bricks to their projects from the interactive workshop of Lorenzo Angeli and Jessica Lucchetta on Uncovering hidden values in digital technologies. Alberto Tejero Lopez, PhD presented the most important elements of strategic business models by introducing determining cases from the tech sector.


Alvaro Pina Stranger highlighted the mission of interconnected education, the goals and achievements of our partnership, and the European values that we embrace.

We have numerous new initiatives in our examplary Erasmus cooperation, stay tuned!


| June 28, 2023

How to Democratize the Use of Technologies?

Day 2.

The Erasmus Portfolio Project Summer School entered its second day, focusing on sustainable business models. Pekka Töytäri and Olli-Pekka Mutanen from Aalto University delivered engaging presentations and workshops, familiarizing students with various aspects and opportunities in value creation for sustainability.

The experts provided great examples and unique explanations, highlighting the interconnectedness of education and sustainable business practices. Students actively participated, gaining practical skills and knowledge.


Looking ahead, colleagues from the University of Trento will lead the summer school's next session. Stay tuned for more updates!


 | June 27, 2023


How to Democratize the Use of Technologies?

The International Summer Course in Budapest kicked off today!


Dr. Barbara Hegyi from ELTE explored the responsibility of new technologies, raising awareness about their ethical implications. Dr. Krisztina Balázs and Dr. Attila Menyhárd, also from ELTE, discussed the legislation and regulation of new technologies.


The lectures sparked lively discussions and set the stage for an unforgettable learning experience in the beautiful city of Budapest.


Stay tuned for more updates!


 | June 26, 2023

Summer School

Application is now open to the PORTFOLIO of micro courses of the Distributed and Blended European Entrepreneurship micro Minor!

You can register to separate micro courses in five European universities with a later option to apply for the Summer School in June 2023.


This programme has been designed to give you the possibility to build your own learning path by choosing among several entrepreneurship related electives covering various topical sub-themes such as digital business and its sustainable models, social responsibility, competition & regulation”, institutional change and technology trends forecasting, delivered by 5 institutions, from 5 different countries. You will also have opportunity to apply your knowledge in a presential hands-on summer school in June 2023 (Budapest, Hungary)


 | April 17, 2023

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